Dong Seoul – A bite of Korea



Craving for 〈Korean food〉? Having no ideas on where to eat? Try out Dong Seoul!

Dong Seoul restaurant serves you the best Korean cuisine. It earns good reputations by providing authentic local specialties such as barbecued meat, Korean-styled steamboat, and kimchi rice cake. It has a total of 7 branches in Johor area such as Skudai, Kluang, Johor Bahru, Danga Bay, Batu Pahat, Segamat and Muar.

The branch which I visited is in Muar on last weekend. Certainly, you can have a try-out of the good food in the nearest branch. I believe that the taste and quality of the Korean food served in different branches will be the same as they practice quality control and same recipe all over.

Attractive looking of the restaurant!

The location of the restaurant is strategic as it is situated in at the center of Muar town. It is a corner lot comprising a large space to fit consumers especially during peak hours. Consumers do not have to worry  as two rows of parking lots are always available to bring ease and convenience for them.

Environment of Dong Seoul

I had a really good time in the restaurant. Soft music is played to build a relaxing and indulging environment for customers.  It can fit approximately 70 persons at one time.

Dong Seoul attends to each and every aspect in creating customer satisfaction such as the display of tissue box on every table.


Set Menu

Set menus offer a variety choices in it. A set usually comprises 3 to 4 types of freshly prepared meat, one soup or a steamboat and one side dish. I would recommend to have a set menu rather than a la carte items as for sure it will be cheaper.

Set A → suitable for 5 to 6 persons

Set B → 3 to 4 persons

Set C → 5 to 6 persons


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Dong Seoul also calls for meat lovers. It provides fresh beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, crab, prawn and clam as barbecues.


Different types of steamboat is serve. There are small in RM 50 and large in RM 70

Dong Seoul Special Menu and Lunch Set

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Lunch sets are only available from 11 am to 3 pm.


Korean Beverages are served here such as Korean beer, Sojoo and Ginseng Tea.

My Food !

I ordered

  • Set B under Set menu (RM 100)
  • Kimchi and Crab Steamboat (small: RM 50)
  • 2 Korean drinks: Pear Juice (RM 5) and Bong Bong (RM 5)

Free and refillable side dishes come along with the set. The total of these would be only RM 155 for three of us. The food is served with big portion and RM 155 is actually more than enough for four persons. So it would be roughly RM 38 per pax.

↑ Meat slices are grilled by the waiter. He served us patiently and checked for it from time to time to avoid the meat to be overcooked. The grill pan is also changed when charred. Garlic and onions are added to create a distinctive flavor onto it.

Free Side dishes

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Yum Yum!

Let’s eat! I used typical Korean style of eating barbecued meat.

  1. Pick one piece of lettuce
  2. Select side dishes according to your preferences and put on top of the lettuce
  3. Dip the meat with sauces and place it onto the lettuce as well
  4. Wrap it and have it in a bite
bean paste soup
Bean paste soup served along with the set meal.

The steamboat contains crabs, kimchi and mushroom. I highly recommend you to have this as the soup is extremely fresh and sweet. It is the food I love the most than other!

Steamboat of Kimchi and Crab → ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Surprisingly,  you can find that there is flesh in Pear juice and Bong Bong (grape juice). It tastes sweet but it is small in size (238 ml).

At 7 pm, the restaurant is full with customers. The customer flow is more compared to the time i arrived at (around 6 pm) and there is a queue outside of the restaurant. There is also a lot of staffs serving the consumers such as ordering food and grilling meat.People there seemed to enjoy their food very much.


In short, I will recommend you to visit Dong Seoul if you wish to try-out authentic Korean specialties as definitely the food is scrumptious. Besides, the service is good as waiters and waitresses of Dong Seoul are polite, warm and friendly. The indulging environment levels up out eating experience. However, the price would be a little pricy, around RM35 per pax.

During this meal, the food I love the most is Kimchi and Crab steamboat! The crab is really fresh and the soup is full with sweetness.

Food → ♦♦♦♦♦

Service → ♦♦♦♦◊

Environment → ♦♦♦♦◊

Price → ♦♦♦◊◊

Overall → ♦♦♦♦◊

Information of Dong Seoul, Muar

Location of Dong Seoul → Muar town No. 2, Jalan Arosa, Taman Perniagaan Arosa, Jalan Bakri, Taman Orkid, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Opening Hours → 11 am to 10.30 pm EVERYDAY.

More information about Dong Seoul branches in Johor.