King of Glory- an online battle arena



Do you boring and want to have a new game?I am going to introduce you guys an online game which you guy must love it. King of Glory(王者荣耀 Wángzhě Róngyào) is an online game as battle arena. This online game is published by Tencent Games. It available on mobile phone which convenience for you to play anywhere anytime. The main language of this game is Chinese.

Lets go!


This is the log-in page. The graphic about this game is really enjoyable and detail. We can log in the game as visitor, Wechat user and QQ user. It is linked with our account and it have our information.

There are 73 servers for now and we can see that all the 72 servers are full. There are millions of player in this game.


This is the main page of game. Let me tell you about this game in detailed.

Gold, Diamond and Point


There are 3 types of “money” in King of Glory. There are gold, diamond and point. Gold and diamond can get in games by complete the task or through activity. But point will never get in game, it can only get by top up.



We can found our friend from game and the application we linked. I used Wechat ID and log in for this game so I can find my Wechat friend who also play this game. The arrangement of friend is according to the rank.



There are 85 heros in this games which can play by users.  Each hero has different characteristic and skills. This can create fresh and different game experiences for player. There are 6 different career for hero such as tanker, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman and supporter.


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Rune is very important for this game. Rune can provide extra ability for hero. Different runes got different function and power. There are Level 1-5 which higher level rune has stronger power. It can make your hero stronger than others if your rune is stronger.



These are skills which can equip into game together with hero. There are total 10 skills in this game. All these skills have different functions. The only way to get these skills is through increasing of level ↑.


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Team features make this game more interesting. You are not playing  alone. There are maximum 150 people in a team. You can play with your team members and share information or technique. Furthermore, Team’s Tournament is exist. 5 team members in a group and fight with other team. Winner of the tournament can win score for team and get the reward. This can link with Wechat so that we have a Wechat Group for this team.


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This is Squad features. This features is different with team because it has closer relationship. Squad only consist of 7 members and there is also reward and competition among squad.

Shop and Skin

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This is Shop where you can spend your gold, diamond and point. Hero, skin, and other bundle are selling here. All the skin are pretty and every hero have  their special one. Skin are rare in this game because it only can be get by using point which is also the real money in our life. A special and new function have be launched recently which  is player can customize the skin and make it different with others. The customize skin is still developing so there are only few hero’s skin can be customize.


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  • Event & Announcement → All the event and announcement will be show in this page. The activities might gift players hero and skin. It improve the experience of players. Users can receive their prize when they complete the task. For announcement, the system will announce when there is new update or event.
  • Setting → Player can set the game’s graphic, control, sound, record video, password and network diagnosis. Network diagnosis is very good function of this game because it can analyze the type of network, speed, ping and number of device link to the network.
  • Community → All the news, tips of hero, event and so on will be post and discuss here.
  • Game spectate → Player can spectate other player game in this function. There are different types of spectate such as professional player, our friends and others.
  • Competition → This function able the play to watch live or replay of the competition. There are a lot of competition in King of Glory and it is carry on a big scale. Besides, the time arrangement of competition are available for player to reference.


There are different types of mode can play by player. The main or classic map are 3 main roads and jungle. There are 9 towers which protect the road. Players are separated into 2 teams and fight for each others. The games end when the main tower of enemy are destroyed by our team. Other than classic mode, there is also different entertainment mode.

The Game

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Here is the battle arena. King of Glory is really easy to play. All of 10 players are trying their best and used all their ability to destroyed enemy’s main tower. Teamwork is the most important thing in this game. There are 2 bosses in map that can provide extra advantage for team. One is provide super army that is dragon for each land. Another is provide extra gold or extra power for hero.

  1. First, choose the hero.
  2. Enter the game and distribute the land of each other.
  3. Communicate with team, attack the enemy for extra gold and advantage.
  4. Destroyed enemy main tower and win the game.

Data and information after game

This is the information after the game. All the detail of the game will show here such as items in game, kill, death, assist, damages done/deal, damage taken and team fight joined.


↑ You can get “King of Glory” from Apps Store if you are IOS user. We can see it is high grade and positive comments for this game. It is No.3 game in strategy game category. Due to this game only published in China store so the Malaysia user need to change their id to China store.

For Android user, you cannot search this China game on Google Store. You can google search →王者荣耀 to download.   ↓




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